Our charity objectives

Gift92 helps people with limited finance and receiving state benefits to furnish a property which we have done since October 1992

The Individuals and families we help have moved into an empty property and do not have the funds to furnish it. We supply the essential furniture and household items to help them create a home. In addition we deliver beds and kitchen appliances for clients of LCC Crisis Support which enhances the overall help we provide.

From our warehouse in Plungington our area of operation is primarily Preston but through our contract with LCC Crisis Support extends to about a 14 mile radius of Preston Town Hall including Chorley and South Ribble.

We have not closed during the covid pandemic and have helped a substantial number of homeless individuals and families who have been rehoused

Our staff, with appropriate precautions continue to deliver much needed furniture and appliances, working with LCC Crisis Support, Preston City Council Housing, local Housing Associations and LCC Childrens Social Services who refer clients to us. We cannot accept direct applications for assistance. All support given is through a referral from one of our referral agencies who contribute to our service costs.

Our work helps those we assist to avoid incurring debt, which often is a crippling liability when added to the effects of the covid pandemic. Furniture is free to recipients except for a delivery and administration charge.

Our charity is supported by generous members of the public who donate usable furniture and household items, we are always in need of more due to demand.

It is not possible to accept all offers of furniture as items must have appropriate fire labels. Some three seater sofas are declined due to their size as they can be too large to facilitate access to an upstairs flat or older terraced house. Very large furniture incl some display cabinets again are not accepted due to this problem.

Donating Furniture to us

We offer a FREE collection service from Monday to Friday 9:30am to 1:30pm.

If you have any items in good, reusable condition that you would like to donate please call us on 01772 716572 or email us at mail@gift92.com with a photograph of the furniture you wish the charity to collect and your telephone number to enable us to contact you.