Our Objectives

Gift92 (Registered Charity No 1015952) has since its inception in October 1992 sought to help Individuals and Families in the process of moving to a property which is frequently devoid of furniture and basic household items.

Without the charity’s help their living circumstances would be inadequate and certainly unacceptable particularly where children are involved.  Some families have to choose between heating their homes, feeding their children and trying to find ways to purchase furniture.

The Charity has three key Aims

Please note: We are unable to accept unsupported requests to access our service.

Clients avoid crippling debt in setting up home

Assist those we help avoid crippling borrowing and debt by providing the furniture at nil cost other than a small charge for delivery by our van and a contribution to our admin.

Those we help are sometimes former homeless, suffering family breakdown, young people setting up their first home, victims of fire and other living crisis and inadequate accomodation.

Environmental Benefit as reusable furniture is saved from Landfill

The furniture we collect free of charge is donated by members of the public who seek to have reusable items passed onto benefit those in the community often starting afresh due to difficult circumstances.

2023 Outcomes

In the year to 30th September 2023 we made 984 collections of furniture and household items from public donations. Reusing these donations and working alongside Preston Household Support and LCC Underoneroof our team made 780 deliveries helping 1818 persons of which 929 were children. We saved 75 tonnes from Landfill.